All You Need to Know About Cannabis Capsules

In today’s modern time, there are so many ways to ingest the all-natural, therapeutic cannabis. Right from smoking and vaping the dried flower to choosing one of the varieties of cannabis concentrates, marijuana enthusiasts have an amazing selection of options at their fingertips, letting them choose the most beneficial product suiting their personal concerns and preferences. An excellent option for those who don’t smoke is CBD Pills that patients can use to benefit from the effects of marijuana. Cannabis capsules are known to treat a number of health conditions through a predetermined, consistent dose.

What are CBD Capsules?

Most CBD Pills contain CBD Oil or THC or a combination of the two while others are made of a powdered isolate. Like any other vitamin supplement, the oil or powder is contained in a gelatine-based coating which holds from 10 to 150 mg of cannabinoids.



These capsules have a plain appearance and differentiating colors according to the potency and dose. They are non-descript meaning they help you medicate discreetly and have no smell or odor.

Using Cannabis Pills

CBD Pills offer one of the simplest ways to treat a number of ailments with cannabis. Unlike cannabis edibles, you need not bake or cook or worry about allergies and intolerance. The capsules come in containers which look like any other medicine bottle and come with a locking lid to prevent access from kids and strangers. You need not re-label the product or hide as you do with flowers and edibles.



Those who concerned about discreetness would find the capsules the best choice as they allow you to medicate anywhere you are without any concerns about vapor, smoke or smell. Cannabis capsules can be consumed like any other pill. With edibles, you are never sure how much CBD or THC you have consumed but a capsule contains a pre-determined dose of cannabinoids listed on the bottle. Those who are new to the world of cannabis can buy 5mg THC tablets and start with one pill per dose before moving their way up to higher doses.

CBD Pills also fall low on the wait-time scale. They are not so fast acting as tinctures and vapes but take about 30 minutes to enter the bloodstream. As soon as the pill is dissolved, the cannabinoids are absorbed by the digestive system and the effects kick in.


Benefits of Cannabis Capsules

Any condition that can be treated with cannabis edibles or oils can be treated with CBD Pills in a better, safer way. To get relief from anxiety, depression and sleep disorders without any psychoactive effects, choose low-dose THC capsules. Moderate doses can manage symptoms of glaucoma and epilepsy as well as pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. Higher doses from 25 to 50 mg of THC or equal parts of THC and CBD can be used to address symptoms of hypertension, diabetes, lost appetite and stress. You can also benefit from the mood-enhancing and antimicrobial properties of the medication.

Cannabis capsules are safer and more regulated alternatives to cannabis products such as edibles. They can be used discreetly anywhere and let the patients treat their symptoms precisely.

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